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We’re One Step Closer to Growing Potatoes on Mars

Matt Damon was right after all. It might just be possible.

So there’s an International Potato Center. With live streaming from their plant in the Mars-like condition. It’s here, real na real, and it’s backed up by NASA. Unfortunately though, we can’t access it from here in Manila.

And just last year, scientists tried to figure out if planting potatoes on Mars would be possible. Besides, they thrive in extreme conditions here on Earth anyway so why don’t we try to send them to another planet?

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Today, the tubers are in a desert in Southern Peru called Pampas de La Joya. The environment here is a lot like the one in Mars, just dry and really salty.

According to TIME, Scientists have also placed the plants in an airtight CubeSat that controls the humidity, temperature, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, air pressure, and nutrient-rich water mimicking that in the Red Planet.

This is just an initial experiment and they haven’t sent the potato to Mars yet, but the experiment’s currently yielding positive results so let’s hope for the best!

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*Featured Image from ScienceAlert


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