Freelancers need a steady flow of projects often to simply sustain themselves financially. Therefore, a freelancer’s success is directly related to one’s thirst to do plenty of work, and then some more. This isn’t lacking, by any means, in many freelancers; the issue, I think, is some’s inability to land projects.

On this post, I list the best sites where freelancers can land work.

A quick note, though: this won’t be one of those posts where you’re directed to waste precious time on content mills like Upwork. These types of sites are painfully overcrowded, and populated with cheapskate clients. On this post, I’ll point you to sites where you’re required to be a little bit more creative to land that sweet, sweet freelance success.


Everyone is on Facebook. That’s a fact.

Translation: Your clients are, most likely, on Facebook too. That’s a fact. What do you need to do to locate them? There are a number of things you can do: Use the advanced search to find CEOs, COOs, and other deciding people; message friends for leads; and promote your stuff constantly so as to make yourself your friends’ go-to guy for a specific task.

I’ve landed a number of gigs using Facebook, it’s my go-to place for quick, upfront lead generation.


LinkedIn is a lot like Facebook, but for professionals already looking to network. That bumps you past the awkward stage of asking outbound leads if they mean business. Everyone is, on LinkedIn. A pro tip: always take advantage of the Pulse feature. Write articles valuable to your target audience. For example, write about content marketing if you’re a freelance content marketer. This will attract companies who are looking for someone to help them on a project. When in doubt, though, you can’t go wrong with cold connecting. Connect with CEOs, COOs, and other decision-makers.

Becoming social on LinkedIn is almost always productive as your network are all professionals and already looking to work with people.


Land your next freelance gig on these websites

Craigslist’s classifieds have everything. That includes job positions. Just make sure you check the recruiter’s validity so as to avoid getting scammed.

We Work Remotely

Land your next freelance gig on these websites

I love this board. It’s updated daily and there are always new positions to fill. What’s more: there are also contract and freelance positions you can apply for.

Job Boards

Land your next freelance gig on these websites

There are plenty of job boards online, but one of my favorites is Problogger’s. This is exclusively for blogging positions, but I figured it would make a great example. Instead of scouring through content mills, you might have better luck with clients instead of using sites like Upwork.


Land your next freelance gig on these websites

Although technically a content mill, Fiverr, I think, is also effective for sampling smaller tasks as part of your bigger-tier services. I’ve maintained a decent-size list of clients who were originally buyers of my Fiverr service.

In case you didn’t know, Fiverr is a marketplace for small tasks that start at $5.

Angel List

Land your next freelance gig on these websites

Angel List brings you closer to startups and small businesses. There are a lot of emerging startups who use this website and almost always they’re on the lookout for new teamplayers to build their virtual team.

Your own website/blog

Land your next freelance gig on these websites

Anyone in business online should have their own website/blog. It’s where you can showcase your services exactly like the way you want or require. Personally, I use my website to pre-qualify my clients using a Socratic questionnaire. It’s an S.O.P. in my freelance business; it enables me to determine early what is it my clients exactly want/expect and makes me look 10x more professional.


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