For far too long, binge-watchers have endured the burden of jumping to the right moment where the show’s intro ends. There was no effective way of skipping opening sequences; you had to be a ninja about it. You need to precisely hover over the buffer bar and guess the exact timecode you need to jump onto.

Well, that’s up until recently when Netflix announced that among the few minor changes it’s making to its platform is a nifty “skip intro” button, which appears right at the moment when the opening sequence appears.

Netflix Introduces Feature That Allows You To Skip Shows’ Opening Sequences

If you are watching using a desktop computer or a laptop, Netflix will automatically skip show intros and opening sequences. Everywhere else, the decision rests in your palms. Will you, for some reason, skip ahead of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt intro? Does it not make you groove even though you’ve listened to it for far too many times?

While we’re on the subject of skipping stuff, Netflix is also implementing a feature that allows you to “skip recap” on shows you have been watching a number of episodes of consecutively, effectively affording you more time to watch more content with your time. Those one-minute openers really add up.

Great move, Netflix!


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