YouTube has caught fire once again when LGBTQ+ YouTubers cried foul over the company’s Restricted Mode feature, which allegedly effectively took down their videos and listed under “restricted”.

The intention for this, of course, is well-meant. YouTube wants, according to Google, to enable users to filter out “potentially objectionable content.” The problem lies in the content found objectionable. At this point, obvious to the number of complaints from the likes of Tyler Oakley, some LGBT-related content is being filtered out for some reason. A number of LGBTQ+ YouTubers are naturally lead to cry foul about the new algorithm change when their videos started to get restricted.

Rowan Ellis, a YouTuber from the UK, brought the issue up in her video, “YouTube is Anti-LGBT? (Restricted Content Mode)”, noting that the new system is placed with a gravely negative impact on LGBTQ+ creators, whose content start disappearing when the viewing mode is triggered.

YouTube offered a meager response about the issue, taking to their YouTube Creators Twitter account and explaining a little bit further why the viewing mode is at all put in place but offered very little in the way of explaining how innocuous content is dragged along with legitimately “potentially objectionable” ones.

Among this is Tyler Oakley’s video, “8 Black LGBTQ+ Trailblazers Who Inspire Me”, which lists inspiring gay people of color that had a huge effect in Tyler’s life. This, obviously, is miles away from “objectionable”, at least in my and a lot of other’s opinions, but why Tyler’s video got dragged through the mud, YouTube offers no explanation.

Frustrated, Tyler tweets:

He later offered:

What do you guys think? It’s odd, really, that this is happening, seeing that YouTube has been a platform where LGBTQ+ creators like Tyler have flourished over the years. One thing is certain: YouTube needs to communicate to both its creators and its audience.


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