Guys, if someone does this to you, please don’t let her go.

Ready your eyes, everyone. This perhaps the most romantic proposal video we have ever witness in all history of mankind. Why? Because it involves food. Chips, to be specific.


A woman proposed to her boyfriend at a hockey game in Vancouver last Thursday while he was participating in the very fun Jumbotron activity called “Puck Shuffle.” The mechanics is you follow a hockey puck on a screen with your eyes, then embarrass yourself in front of an entire arena when you lose track of it.

Fortunately, no embarrassment took place. Instead, a romantic setup and love birds befell the whole arena.

The puck on the screen showed a message: “Will you marry me?” Haubrich’s girlfriend, Amanda Mussio, appeared. Holding the most romantic thing that a guy could ever ask for: a bouqust of Doritos Ketchup Roses.

This one is for the history books, everyone. Let out your manly tears.


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