The original Street Fighter II game was infamous for its glitches (yes, it was that broken). It is also because of these glitches that players began to catch on and discover unusual combos, including the one we have featured here. The combo, which involves knocking back Claw (a.k.a. Vega) from the middle to the farther edge of the screen, is a fairly easy one to pull off. A video of said combo recently surfaced, and uploader desk comments:

As far as I’m aware the first demonstration of this glitch was done by TZW. Back in the days when combo videos only existed on VHS. Not only did he populerize the glitch but I wouldn’t have known about the OTG throw effect were it not for watching his old clips.

The combo is, sadly, exclusive to Claw’s character, but watching them in succession is a pretty mind-blowing experience. The combo knocks him to a whopping half-health, and beats him continuously while ducks float in a circle over his head. This disables the other player to do anything about it, helplessly and frustratedly throwing the remote (hopefully not at you).

Next time you get a buddy around and for some reason you decide to play SFII, ask him/her to play Claw and reign victorious.


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