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WATCH: Ansel Elgort Covers "City Of Stars" From 'La La Land'

Ansel Elgort Covers “City Of Stars” From ‘La La Land’

He’s not done dropping panties yet. Ansel Elgort channels his inner Ryan Gosling and sings a cover of ‘City of Stars’ from ‘La La Land’.

Ansel Elgort, the internet’s constant source of swoon, has done it yet again. An innocuous Instagram post of Ansel, singing to the La La Land staple, “City of Stars”, is the main reason behind today’s massive spread of swooning. Check out Ansel’s one-minute cover below.

Little cover "City of Stars" from La La Land.

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The take is a far cry from “Thief”, a new track the actor-deejay-popstar has recently put out, the lyrics switched from the ones already etched to our brains thanks to Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s version.

City of Stars, are you shining just for me?
City of Stars, there’s so much that I can’t see.

Who knows?

It’s just the start of something wonderful, I knew.
Or just, one dream that I cannot make true.

Ansel’s next film is the Edgar Wright action-thriller-musical Baby Driver, which premiered at this year’s SXSW. Check out the trailer here:


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