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This "Beauty And The Beast"-Inspired Deadpool Musical Is Pure Gold

This “Beauty And The Beast”-Inspired Deadpool Musical Is Pure Gold

The Mercer with a Mouth jumps aboard the ‘Beauty And The Beast’ hype in this Deadpool musical parody special.

Deadpool 2 is a few ways away from its release. That gives our little avocado boy some time to kill. And is there anything better to do than ripping off an equally self-obsessed man-child (read: Gaston in Beauty and the Beast)?

That’s what I thought, too. Hence the existence of this video, nowhere near an official promotional material for the upcoming 2018 sequel. And this, I think, is where the folks working behind-the-scenes of Deadpool thrive. They know a cult-like subscription is a bigger (and therefore tougher) earn than mere awareness of the movie. And we all know how they killed it with the first one, and we’re now at the point where fan-made parodies like this are made—and made super well.

At this point, it’s safe to say that Deadpool, in spite of its massive box office success, is also a cult film. And it’s great to see that the makers are committed to following through the kind of Deadpool they promised. One whose presence shall exist outside the theater screens.

This Beauty and the Beast-inspired musical parody is a great example of that. In it, Deadpool makes a mess—as one does—in a seedy bar. There are plenty of parodical appearances, including those of The Black Widow and Rogue, all standing in as in p the infamous Gaston musical sequence.

Check out the video below:


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