The way I see it, Facebook wants to be more like Snapchat, and Snapchat needs to be more like Facebook. It all comes full circle at some point, I guess.

If you have been living under a rock, you’ll know that Facebook has been announcing a number of pretty interesting updates. Well, for one, it flipped out the middle finger when it announced Instagram Stories, a shameless replica of Snapchat’s Stories feature. Like it or don’t, Instagram’s version has the upper hand in terms of ease-of-use, a host of discovery features, tagging, and more.

More recently, Facebook, in its seemingly sacred mission to bit by bit be more like Snapchat, has made its colorful status updates available to everyone in the world. That counts everyone using Facebook via a smartphone or an actual computer.

What The Heck Are Those Colorful Facebook Status Updates?

The new feature allows users to post status updates on top of a bright-colored background and in a bold font that, well, let’s just say, will divide people on whether or not if it’s a good-looking font. The feature itself is straight-forward. The use of the feature is just the same. When you tap/click on the infamous “What’s on your mind?” box, you’ll be prompted to choose a background for your status. Here’s one in action.

The new feature is obviously a move to inspire more original user-generated content. Facebook’s bottom-line is to strike a perfect balance of content created by its own user-base and links to content created by publishers. Original content, of course, is not exactly a problem to Snapchat, having plenty of fun ways that push its users to express themselves.

In terms of social marketing, the new feature is a pretty big deal. There is too much noise on Facebook, and that noise, mostly, comes from the outside. Adding color and screen real-estate to status updates makes a lot of sense, and we’re excited to see where this is headed.

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