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Korean Actors Who Danced to Twice’s ‘TT’

Let us take this time to look back at our favorite Korean actors and celebrities dancing to TWICE’s ‘TT’. The cute and relatively easy choreography is a favorite request from fans attending an actor’s local or international tour. It’s just about time that we share to you our favorites!

Lee Joon Gi

Lee Joon Gi could be a K-Pop idol. However, he has great passion for acting and he even performs his own stunts! This is him during his Asia tour though dancing to one of Korea’s most popular songs… three times.

Lee Dong Wook

While Goblin’s handsome Grim Reaper isn’t as confident as Joon Gi when it comes to dancing, Lee Dong Wook did give us a really adorable dance cover of TT during a concert and we are in love.

Jo Woo Jin

Jo Woo Jin plays a stoic secretary Kim in the hit drama Goblin. He danced EXO and BTS in the drama (yep, part of the script) and now we see him dancing to TWICE! He is the true hero.


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