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Apple’s iTunes is Coming to Microsoft’s Windows Store

They’re working with each other!

Surprise! Apple is planning to bring their own iTunes desktop app to the Windows Store. Earlier today, Microsoft announced that they are working with Apple to make the iTunes be available in the Windows Store. In case you didn’t know, iTunes apparently, is one the most searched app that’s missing in the Windows Store. This is also a good move with the earlier announcement of Windows 10 S because they can now use the app without worrying of an compatibility issues.

We also expect that Microsoft will eventually talk to Adobe to create their own creative apps in the Microsoft store, as well as Google’s Chrome browser. But with the current partnership with Bing and Microsoft having their own browser, Edge, it may already sound impossible. Although there is still a slight chance that Google will make a special Chrome Browser for the Windows Store.

It’s nice to hear that the two rivals are working with each other for the benefit of us consumers.


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