It has been confirmed that OnePlus 5, one of the most anticipated smartphone releases of the year, will hit stores later this year. People obviously can’t keep to themselves, as leaks and renders have been coming out left and right.

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The most consistent design comes from Benjamin Geskin, whose design appears on TechnoBufallo. On his design, Geskin envisions a OnePlus 5 with a 5.5 2K OLED display, a fingerprint sensor on the front, and a vertical dual-camera system at the back. Check out the gallery below for a complete look.

Another leak from Slashleaks points to possible specs, and they are very—very!—promising. Check them out:

These OnePlus 5 Leaks Promise A Better Phone Than The Galaxy S8

These OnePlus 5 Leaks Promise A Better Phone Than The Galaxy S8

Inaccuracies aside—the spec sheet, for example, tells us that the phone runs with Snapdragon 835 but only has Bluetooth 4.2, when the processor only runs with Bluetooth 5—the OnePlus 5 looks like it’s going to be a flagship beast. It’s got all the basics locked-in: a beefed-up battery, a promising camera, and great processing power. If it does right with its promise of releasing the phone in a hyper-competitive pricing, Samsung, Apple, and other smartphone manufacturers should be worried.


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