Almost every Tech Youtuber out there are doing crazy things with their iPhones, there’s a lava tests and freeze tests, anything that you could think of. It’s like they’re pooping iPhones out of nowhere. And with Fidget spinners becoming the latest trend, it’s also time transform iPhones into one.

EverythingApplePro, one of the famous Apple Youtuber, took a drill to the iPhone 7, iPhone 5 and 4s to insert the bearing which gives the fidget spinner its ability to spin. With aerodynamics not in mind from Apple, they iPhone spun but not like the actual fidget spinner.

In case you’re lucky enough to miss this trend, fidget spinners are everywhere and people love it. These nifty toys are supposed to help children with ADHD and anxiety to focus, despite that there are no scientific claims. We’re not ranting though, everyone’s free to buy those toys and they’re not exactly harmful to hate.

But this iPhone might be the most expensive fidget spinner you’ll see in the world.


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