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Dodie Writes Songs About Love and Life in the Realest Way

I recently discovered singer-songwriter Dodie after coming across a cover of her song ‘Gold Star’. Dodie’s songs are real, because she writes as she feels. Sometimes her songs are full of love and warmth, and sometimes she simply narrates random moments in her life in a joyful way.

It seems she’s delicate, but she isn’t. It’s because of her songs – it gives her and everyone who listens to her life. No metaphors, no deep words, only genuine thoughts. And through her I realized that maybe anyone can be a songwriter.

Needless to say, I quickly enjoyed all her other songs. And maybe a little too much since I really took my enjoyment to writing.


Dodie Clark is an English singer-songwriter who takes to YouTube to share to us her music. With over 1 million subscribers, she set up a Patreon account to be able to accept as much financial support as she can. Through this, she was able to launch an Extended Play (EP) called Intertwined available for sale on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and streaming on Spotify.

Aside from her main YouTube channel, she also has a vlogging channel called doddlevloggle which helps us get to know her a lot more.

Only her EP’s songs are on Spotify so here are her popular ones on YouTube!


Loves the sunrise but wakes up late. Also uses too many adjectives.

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