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Lea Salonga and Lin-Manuel Miranda Tweet Each Other in Tagalog

Lin-Manuel tweets fellow Broadway star Lea Salonga in Filipino and addresses her as ‘mamshie’ and ‘dude pare’ in a Twitter conversation that started three years ago.

Lin-Manuel tweeted Lea last 2014 with a YouTube video of her singing and telling her that she sounds phenomenal. He even told her the most famous Tagalog words every Filipino wants their stars to say in a concert – “Mahal kita.” After three years, Lea was only able to reply now saying she couldn’t view whatever it was linked to her. Well of course, it was from years ago.

These aren’t the only Tagalog words the Hamilton star knows of. He also knows how to say “Ang bait mo!” after Lea finally found out what video he was referring to.

It’s also worth noting that the award-winning Lin-Manuel Miranda also knows how to say current Pinoy slang words like ‘mamshie‘, ‘tsong‘, and ‘bes‘.

He quite well-versed, as you can see in this video right here. On this Digital #Ham4Ham, Hamilton cast members sing a song from their musical, Ten Duel Commandments, but in Taglish. Kumusta, kaibigan lang?! Don’t wanna bet? Kiss my puwet!

‘Dude, pare’ was probably born ages ago since Lea and Lin-Manuel have been friends for quite some time now. This is Lea Salonga and Lin-Manuel Miranda  singing Alladin’s A Whole New World in the #Ham4Ham.

And just in case you were wondering what video Lea and Lin-Manuel were referring to, it’s this one – Lea Salonga and IL DIVO performing Alladin’s A Whole New World. No wonder Lin-Manuel just had to tweet all his followers this.


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