If you’re a 90’s gamer, you know that Resident Evil is of those games that grew with us albeit scaring us with zombies in the process. It evolved just like us and it is still changing. Along with twisted apocalyptic world and brain-eating zombies, it also introduced us with some of the most unique and memorable characters. Here are ten most well-developed and most iconic characters in the whole franchise.

Ada Wong


As a gamer, we always have a special place in our hearts for mysterious, quiet, and calm characters – just like Ada Wong. Along with her beauty and good sense of fashion during an apocalyptic world, she’s also one of those characters that has a mysterious background that really want to dig deep in. Just like Sasuke in the Naruto world, she’s always the lone wolf – never truly a villain but you can’t be friends with her either. Ada Wong is the Sasuke of Chris’ Naruto. Get it?

Rebecca Chambers

Speaking of unspoken questions, the mystery that everyone’s trying to figure out about Rebecca is why she isn’t in more games. She’s the epitome of what you call successful life – incredibly smart, graduated college at the age of 18, and found herself being a member of S.T.A.R.S right after. If you follow the story, she’s one of the only surviving members of the infamous squad, and the fact that her story isn’t finished yet, maybe we’ll see her on the next Resident Evil 8? We hope so.

Chris Redfield


Chris was one of those typical video game protagonist – the character with dignity and the right sense of justice. And just like any other protagonist, he’s dependable and won’t hesitate to help people in need. Chris Redfield is one of the best options if you’re given the chance to have someone during a zombie apocalypse.

Leon Kennedy


One of the most iconic characters during the PlayStation 2 era and the famous Resident Evil 4. And just like the game’s success, he went from a rookie cop to a very talented federal agent. And with a combination of his gun-slinging skills and his emotionless aura, he’s a force to be reckoned with. If zombies still have the ability to think, they’d better run.

Jill Valentine


You can consider Jill Valentine as one of the most popular character in the series. She’s been there from the first game even reaching the cinema theaters even though she’s not the main character. Even though she’s not in every game, one of the elements in the storyline is sure to be connected with Valentine. She’s the epitome of beauty and brains.

But of course there are other notable characters like Albert Wesker, Claire Redfield and Barry Burton and maybe you’ll get to see them in our future post. But if you really like them that you want them in this list, do let us know why in the comments section down below!

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