Getting your eyeliner from point zero to on point isn’t easy. It involves precision, a steady hand, and the force of a great typhoon. Here are five super easy to follow eyeliner tricks for beginners that actually really work. Remember though, the key to mastering this is practice. You might not get it the first time but with a little practice, you’ll be an eyeliner pro in no time.

When I was still new to the whole liquid eyeliner thing, there were so many tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest so I couldn’t really tell which ones would actually give the best results. Furthermore, I couldn’t apply the eyeliner hacks using tape or a credit card because it was kind of embarrassing to do those in public nor did I carry tape with me wherever I went. I wanted to learn how to put on liquid liner by myself and using only the product.

I noticed too that if you’ll have a hard time putting eyeliner on if you’ve stopped doing it for a long time so constant practice is key!

Anyway to help you out, here are the eyeliner tricks that worked for me. There are only a few so you won’t get lost and confused like I was back then. Also, we hope you got that song reference.

Start from the outside and use your arm.

Joan Kim is a jedi at drawing her eyeliner. It takes her less than 5 seconds, everyone. What she does is she starts from the outside and uses her whole forearm to pull it inwards. It creates the perfect line and she just proceeds to fill it in.

I let go of all fear and just went for it when I tried this one and it did work well! For this one though, I would recommend using a brown less pigmented liner than the super pigmented black ones so mistakes won’t be so obvious (hehe).

Small strokes and little dashes are your friends.

If you’re not confident you’ll be able to do a straight line by following the first tutorial, professional hair and makeup artist Chai Pilapil creates her signature clean winged eyeliner by doing small strokes. Patience is a virtue in this one, really. However if you’re not yet familiar with where you’re supposed to go, you can do little dashes first like how Michelle Phan did it in this tutorial.

The correct angle for your wing is 45 degrees.

Wondering where to point that brush tip? I also asked Chai for her number one eyeliner trick for beginners and her clients. It’s this one – always do your wing at a 45 degree angle.

Use your brush to connect the side of your nose to the outer corner of your eye. This is the guide you should use to angle your wing. Drawing your eyeliner like this lifts and flatters the eyes more than drawing it straight out.

There you go, tips from a common makeup user and a makeup professional. Thank you very much to the amazing Chai of Hair and Makeup by Chai Pilapil for helping me out on this one!


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