The bane of my existence (and I’m sure of many others) is diluted coffee. It is the dreaded point of your coffee-drinking experience when iced coffee tastes like ice rather than proper coffee.

Starbucks, luckily, has an odd yet effective solution.

The Seattle-based coffee chain brand makes the case for coffee ice cubes. These will be added to iced drinks at the small premium of 80 cents (roughly 35-40 PHP).

Those who like their iced coffee untouched—just pure black iced coffee—will be delighted to learn of Starbucks’ solution. By using coffee ice cubes instead of regular ice cubes, Starbucks is effectively fixing a top annoyance of many coffee drinkers.

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Personally, I’ve made peace with the fact that eventually ice melts and will dilute the coffee, so my solution prior to this coffee ice cubes proposition has been to ask the barista to not add water to my Iced Americano. There is also the option to throw in another shot of espresso if one feels like they need the boost.

Sadly, Starbucks is only using coffee ice cubes in select stores in the U.S. Whether it arrives in the Philippines is as yet unknown, but I’m certainly not averse to the idea of an extra kick of caffeine for thirty to forty pesos more.

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