All makeup lovers have makeup frustrations. And we all can relate to them somehow.

1. When one eyeliner is perfect but you know the other one can smell all the fear you have at the moment.

Should you let go? Should you just fix it? No one will ever know.

2. And when you entered this challenge very positive on your results but both eyeliners ended up looking crooked and sad

110% DONE.

3. And when you make a mistake with your liquid liner and no makeup wipe is in sight

Oh well looks like I have to live like this forever.

4. When you’re excited to try a new matte lipstick but 5 minutes in and your lips are dry af

Cracking and peeling and sadness

5. When a makeup product didn’t work out for you but you can’t return it

Now you’re scared to buy new things.

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6. Last night you planned for today’s makeup but today you woke up too lazy to even life

Hmm, maybe I’ll try again tomorrow.

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7. Not understanding why light blue eyeshadow makes you look like a mess from the 2000’s yet other people can pull it off

You tried.

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8. Wanting to watch foundation on your jaw but the salespeople might look at you weird so you just swatch it on your wrist

You have to find your match somehow.

9. When there are no makeup testers

So you’re walking around the department store like

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10. When you overhear a salesperson give a customer wrong advice “Yes, your concealer should be two shades darker.” *clutches heart*


11. When the makeup you want to buy isn’t readily available in your country

Do I even bother?

12. So you agree to have it shipped but the shipping fee is 5x more expensive than the product you’re buying

Willing to bet this is Photoshopped but 10/10 can still relate


13. Choosing whether to apply a blinding highlight or just let humidity run its course

But remember, sabi nga ni Mareng Krissy:

14. Looking at Instagram makeup artists and being both inspired and… disappointed at your lack of talent

I’m so proud of that 10-year-old makeup artist but also sad I can’t even do a cut crease myself

15. Going to the cosmetics section of the department store with a dream but no money

You thought you had some more.

16. Convincing yourself that it’s finally time to clean ALL your brushes

You have to scrub 12+ brushes

17. When your makeup is bomb but no one notices it

But I spent 2 hours on this

18. Can’t find swatches on your skin color

Nah, don’t worry, it’s not racist.

19. When one eyebrow is on fleek so expectation just shoots all the way up for the next brow

One eyebrow is frustrating enough.

20. Eyeshadow on point but it got ruined by eyeliner

Always the liquid eyeliner.

21. When you want to do a full face of makeup but don’t have time


22. When you try a makeup look but you realize it’s really not gonna happen

I did all this work. For. Failure.

23. Attending an event where your makeup was the star of the night but knowing you have to take it off when you get home

24. Time to declutter your 49 lipsticks but you still wANT TO KEEP THEM ALL

25. Having to part with an empty

And you really loved that one. Also now you have to buy a new one.

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