It’s a myth that it’s hard to do makeup on people with monolid eyes. If you spend a good amount of time on Pinterest and Instagram, you might come across tutorials for monolids that actually work.

And no, I’m not talking about the floating eyeliner trick. Though it does work, it looks kind of strange when you close your eyes and you have an line of liquid eyeliner right in the middle of your lids.

1. Draw TWO eyeliners.

If you can’t pull off one because it just disappears, draw two and make the other one sparkle.

#Repost @brandi.x0 ・・・ 😈 Tried that reverse liner thing that everyone’s been doing, but I still couldn’t rock it without my black liner… 😅🏻♀️ 💜Inspired by @melsmakeupdiary —————————————————– XBROWS: @anastasiabeverlyhills Granite dipbrow & ebony brow wiz XEYES: @morphebrushes 35C, @tartecosmetics Silver liner eye jewels, @anastasiabeverlyhills Jet waterproof creme color —————————————————– #monolid #motd #eotd #fotd #brows #abh #anastasiabrows #anastasiabeverlyhills #norvina #monolids #asianeyes #powerofmakeup #teammorphe #tarteskin #tartecosmetics #asianbeauty #mua #instagood #rethinknatural #maryhadalittleglam #tagafriend #bestoftheday #purple

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Full face look from the previous posts! (Finally got a little service on this trip.) —————————————————– XEYES: @tartecosmetics sliver jewels liner, @morphebrushes 35C, @anastasiabeverlyhills jet creme color XFACE: @tartecosmetics pro to glow palette, @thebalm_cosmetics highlite & contour palette for blush and bronzer XLIPS: @anastasiabeverlyhills potion topped with @ritueldefille eclipse XBROWS: @anastasiabeverlyhills granite dipbrow & ebony brow wiz —————————————————– #monolid #monolids #motd #eotd #lotd #abh #anastasiabrows #asianeyes #ootd #asianbeauty #anastasiabeverlyhills #tartecosmetics #tarteskin #rethinknatural #thebalm #teammorphe #norvina #asianmakeup #beauty #mua #donalovehair

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2. Open your eyes so you know where to start

It’s harder to figure out where to place your darkest shade when you have your eyes closed. Apply the color accordingly so you know it’ll show up when you open your eyes.

3. Contour your way to glory

Rather than spending all your time trying to draw the thickest eyeliner ever, try contouring the top part of your eyelid to create the illusion of depth and bigger eyes.

😍 #Monolid #monolidmakeup #monolidpictorial I love it ❤

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4. Extend your smokey eye a little higher on the lid and line your lower lashes

Similar to the contour tip, apply the crease colors a little higher up to create depth, and line your lower lashes so the color is consistent.

Pernah nggak sih ngalamin pas makeupan repot bgt harus bersihin kuas di tissue ato ganti kuas lain sebelum ganti warna eyeshadow biar warnanya nggak kecampur? Aku tuh saking sering ganti warna tiap makeupan jdnya nyetok kuas sampe banyak, tapi udah nyetok tetep aja repot krn kuas kotor jadi numpukkk. Kzl. Trus akhirnya aku ketemu produk yang bs bersihin kuas setiap mau ganti warna, sayangnya hrs pesen jauh-jauh dari US, berat diongkos sist! Trus kmrn aku br tau kalo ternyata lokal juga udah ada, namanya @swatch2switch cara pakenya praktis bgt dan ini ngurangin rasa berdosa setiap abis dandan krn tumpukan tissue yg menggunung udah berkurang :)) __________ @indobeautygram #indovlogger #ibv #indobeautyvlogger #indobeautygram #ivgbeauty @indovidgram #indovidgram #IVGbeauty #makeupclips #tutinnitut #tutorialmakeup #makeuptutorial #makeupvideo #videomakeup #tutinnituttutorial #motd #toocoolforschool #monolid #monolidmakeup #tutinnitutreview

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5. Gear up on lashes

Lashes will bring your eye look up an extra notch. If you can’t do eyeliner, fake eyelashes might just be able to save you. This tip is also great for hooded eyes!

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6. One color eyeshadow + Shimmer

Own your monolid by swiping on a shimmery eyeshadow all over your lids. Yup, then you’re done! (As a double eyelid person, I can’t do this because the crease just gets in the way of a single color shadow look)

7. Fake a crease by cutting the crease

This really clever eyeshadow highlights the cut area of the cut-crease to give the illusion of a double eyelid. This look only uses neutral shadows, some shimmer, and a good nude eyeliner.

#해닝메이크업 컨실러 펜슬을 활용한 컷..크리즈..메이크업..ㅎ!!!!…(망쳐놓고 도망)… – 💝brow : #캐트리스 리퀴드 캐머플라지 컨실러 #아리따움 매트포뮬라 /브라운 💝eyeshadow : 아리따움 #모노아이즈 /마젠타, 레드빈라떼, 코코아파우더 (리뉴얼전) #에뛰드하우스 룩앳마이아이즈 /정글레드 #에스쁘아 익스클루시브 아이섀도우 /레어 #스틸라 키튼카르마 💝crease : 에뛰드하우스 플레이101펜슬 /8번 💝eyeliner : 에스쁘아 프로데피니션컬러매틱라이너 /인텐스블랙 💝mascara : #지베르니 센스티브 브러쉬 마스카라 /블랙 #레브론 드라마틱 데피니션 워터프루프 마스카라 💝lash : 아리따움 아이돌래쉬 /쁘띠볼륨 💝lens : #렌즈타운 해피홀리 브라운

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8. Amp up your eyeliner look

Don’t be afraid to go crazy with the eyeliner or the whole eye makeup! Makeup doesn’t have rules!

9. Focus on your lower lash line

While you can go absolutely crazy with your eye makeup, don’t forget to define your lower lash line. It will keep the look balanced and also open up your eyes a bit.

10. Use a good eye primer

When you’re working with lots of liner and shimmer, it’s best to invest in a good eye primer. This will keep your eye makeup from smudging your eyeliner from cracking.

*Featured Image – PONY Makeup: Monolid Eyes Tutorial

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