While our Lord and Savior Gabe Newell gives away huge game discounts for us peasants, there are still games that are free that offers awesome gameplay and experience. Steam has a vast library that are free-to-play and we’ll help you find those worth downloading.

Of course, some of these games are already obvious and given because we all checked out that free-to-play section once in our lives, right? But do let us know in the comments section below after this post if you have some games that you want to recommend. We’ll definitely try it out. Let’s start.

Dota 2

We already told you, there are some obvious games on this list and Dota 2 is the most obvious one but arguably the best one, too. As an avid Dota 2 gamer, I already spent hundreds of hours trying to become one of the best players like those in the competitive scene but failing miserably. If you haven’t played it yet – the goal is straight forward, guide your creeps and destroy the enemy’s ancient. But the depth and intensity that Dota 2 offers is nothing to joke about. It’s a great game, and if you have the time to learn it, you probably should.

Team Fortress 2

It may not be updated as it used to, Team Fortress 2 is a popular team-based shooter with way too many elements, Even if you’ve played it before, it’s always nice to play it once in a while to give you some good time. It’s already a decade old but it’s still one of the games that should never miss.


If you don’t have the money to buy Overwatch but still wants to experience something similar, Paladins is your next best option. Just like Overwatch, this free-to-play shooter share huge similarities especially to the hero pool. But it also has some diversity – you can’t change your champion after you pick it. Each champion has a card loadout that influences abilities, and as you progress through a match, you gain currency to further upgrade your skills. Also a good thing to know: the game is in beta right now.

Cloud Pirates

Your dream of creating your own airship, upgrading its weapons and abilities, and creating your own squadron is found in this games. Cloud Pirates is an MMO where you partake in fast-paced sky battles against other players. It has a lot of customization options and despite it being an MMO, the game is pretty straightforward and it’s very easy to learn and play.

Path of Exile

If you want to play games like Diablo and Final Fantasy VII that’s an RPG with many customization options, then Path of Exile is the right one for you. The best part of this game is that it continues to update, so if you have already played it before, then you may notice some notable changes once you go back to the game right now.

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