Storybook Cosmetics, the creator of those popular Harry Potter inspired makeup, teased their followers with what seems like a Mean Girls Burn Book eyeshadow palette. Its teaser was designed with the Mean Girls’ signature color for Wednesdays – pink. According to Teen Vogue, while the palette is still in the conceptualizing stage, the Burn Book makeup will most likely be a set of 12 eyeshadows with colors such as “army pants” green, “you can’t sit with us” burnt orange and “flip-flops” blue.

On Wednesdays we wear Storybook Cosmetics. – Fall 2017

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Storybook Cosmetics partnered up with Paramount Pictures to release this Mean Girls makeup collection this Fall 2017. We’re expecting super pigmented shadows with a good mix of shimmers, satins and mattes.

Other Storybook Cosmetics products include Harry Potter themed makeup collections with brushes that are inspired by the wizards and witches’ wands in the book. Their recently launched collection for this year was the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory eyeshadow palette and if fans are right, a Care Bears inspired makeup line.


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