June brings with it a distinct breeze only cuddlers can appreciate. It is the perfect season for cuddling. And the best way to cuddle is before the daze of a great T.V. show playing on your T.V. If your watch queue hasn’t reached full yet, let us offer you some recommendations.

I’m Dying Up Here

Series Premiere

A deeply intimate look into the life of standup comedians, Showtime’s Jim Carrey-produced I’m Dying Up Here is brimming with potential. The series stars Melissa Leo as Goldie, a comedy club owner who mentors a close-knit group of talented young comics.

Orange Is The New Black

Season Five

Picking up from the—SPOILER!—tragic death of Poussey, Litchfield is turned on its head and become a battle of sorts with the inmates taking control over their oppressive, bullying prison guards. This season unfolds real time over a three-day riot.

Orphan Black

Season Five

This show doesn’t need any introduction. The final season looks to be its greatest yet, with Helena, alongside her clone-sestras, is out for blood. Exciting stuff.


Series Premiere

Alison Brie stars in this period comedy from Netflix which takes a close look at the bombastic lives of women professional wrestlers in the 80’s. If anything, the setup feels pregnant of thought and discussion. I’m in.

The Mist

Series Premiere

Based on the same-name Stephen King novella, The Mist promises to be a bloodier, more contemplative version of the already great Frank Darabont film adaptation from 2006. If the trailers are any indication, it looks like this claim is really true.

The Loch

Series Premiere

This looks promising. Laura Fraser plays a local detective who gets caught in a web of murder when a human heart appears on Loch Ness’s shore, and the body to which it was once connected was found elsewhere. The town, enveloped by the omniscient myth of the Loch Ness monster, must find a real-life monster still walking among them.

Blood Drive

Series Premiere

If the trailers are indicative (and they are—overtly so), SyFy’s new series looks to do to grindhouse staples what Kung Fury has to 80’s film tropes. It looks like complete mayhem. I’m completely reeled in.


Season Two

Picture this: a Texan preacher, the preacher’s ex-girlfriend, and an Irish vampire on a road trip. On the off chance that that sentence didn’t hook you in, try this trailer:


Series Premiere

This Naomi Watts-starring Netflix series follows Jean Holloway, “a therapist who begins to develop dangerous and intimate relationships with the people in her patients’ lives”. Color me intrigued.


Series Premiere

Niecy Nash leads a tight-knit group of manicurists who work in a nail salon in Florida which serves as a front for much shadier dealings. I can already tell Polly will be a crowd favorite, because that’s what Carrie Preston does to every role she takes on.


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