The recently revealed Pout Case isn’t your usual phone case. At first, it looks like one of those cases with the built in powerbanks so you can charge your phone without the cables. But really, the Pout Case is a phone case with a makeup palette at its back you can easily slide down to access. The makeup palette is customizable, containing three shades you can personally choose to make your own perfect on-the-go trio. It doesn’t come with a brush though, but you can always blend with your fingers anyway.

In one Pout Case, you can choose your own three shades among 7 shades of lipsticks, 4 foundation shades, and a lip balm. You can get 3 lipsticks if you want or one of each depending on what makeup product you usually reach for when you’re out and about.

For the case, the line has four colors for now but hopefully they’ll be expanding as their product reaches the market. The Pout Case is only compatible with the iPhone 6, 6s, and 7.

This is a great product for commuting because while you’re squished in a jeep or van, you won’t even need to look for that lipstick swallowed by an endless abyss that is your unorganized bag. The Pout Case also doesn’t come with a mirror because it uses your phone as one already!

How it works

The Pout Case is your regular phone case with a compartment at the back that you slide down to reveal your makeup trio. When you receive it from the mail, the makeup pans are packaged separately from the case. All you have to do is put the case on your phone, slide the compartment down, and attach your three chosen makeup products to the order you prefer them in. I’m also thinking that if you finish one product and it’s too expensive to buy a replacement, you can easily melt your favorite lipstick and place it in the empty!

The Pout Case website has a full tutorial on how to assemble your kikay case.

Pricing / Where to buy

This case doesn’t come cheap. The case alone is priced at $30 while you can choose any 3 makeup products all for $20. One completed case amounts to $50 excluding tax and shipping.

This case is up for pre-order right now at the Pout Case website. No news yet if they’re going to be selling it at physical stores but we hope so!

Ready for the weekend 🍭 #poutcase #poutitout

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