If you’re a fan of Google’s services like I am, you’re most likely hanging out in your Google Drive. It’s where all your files—work or otherwise—live. It goes without saying: it’s also the most convenient, being that it’s the most omnipresent file service on the internet. Of course, you can take a look at other cloud platforms such as iCloud, Dropbox, and others, but in my book, Drive, so far, is the most convenient and most affordable.

I’m already a heavy Google Drive user. I’m subscribed to their terabyte plan, which sets me back $9.99 per month. It’s a small price to pay for the convenience of being able to store all my files in one place.

Their new update, however, takes things up a notch. From files that users want to store up in the Cloud, Google Drive will soon allow users to backup folders from their computers. This, of course, is great news for users who have limited storage space in their systems. Google, however, says that the new tool is built for the casual Drive users in mind, so using it for complex businesses might not be ideal (for now).

The new tool allows users to select folders to backup and sync on their Drives. Right off the bat, I’m thinking this is especially helpful for content creators like myself, who very frequently exchanges media across teams. Users will easily exceed the free 15GB limit offered to free Google Drive users, but one can easily upgrade to the 100-gigabyte plan which comes cheap at $1.99 a month.

Google will rollout the new tool later this month, June 28th, to free users. GSuite subscribers will get the tool with advanced features later this year.


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