Apple has shown off their iOS 11 last week and it brought a fair amount of new features to properly call it the next major iOS update. Developers and YouTuber are currently testing out in the closed beta test and they’ve encountered some cool features that Apple failed to highlight during their Keynote. Here are 5 nifty iOS 11 features that Apple failed to announce in WWDC 2017:

Offloading Applications

One of the main problems of having an iPhone is the lack of storage because you won’t be able to insert an SD card if ever you’re full. Most of the time we just delete apps in our phone but the problem that lies in there is that we also delete the settings and other related data.

The good thing about iOS 11 is that if you go to iPhone Storage from the General menu in Settings, you can tap on an application then use a new feature called Offload App that will delete some files that you probably don’t need.

Built-in screen recording

Before you iOS 11, if you want to record your screen using your phone, you’ll have to first jailbreak it. It’s pretty difficult back then, but now they’ve implemented the feature in the phone so won’ need QuickTime and a Mac.

Dubbed as Screen Recorder, it’s found if you customize the shortcuts in the new Control Center via Settings app. It’s pretty straightforward, just tap the record button to start recording and if you’re done, just tap the title bar. The video is then saved straight in the camera roll.

FLAC media playback support

If you’re an audiophile who likes to listen to their smartphone, you’re probably using an Android now since it supports FLAC. FLAC is an audio format that has zero compression which is typically better since compression can lead to loss of quality in music playback.

But it’s good to know that iOS 11 now supporting FLAC. It’s still not available in iTunes or the music player specifically, but if you have any FLAC files hanging out on your iCloud drive or in your new Files app, you can now play them right away.

One-handed keyboard

Using the larger variant of the iPhone means that it’s impossible to use it one-hand. But now Apple has managed to implement a one-handed keyboard similar to Android.

To use the keyboard, press and hold on the globe or emoji icon on the bottom left then choose the left or right keyboard icon. Easy, right?

Instant Wi-Fi sharing

If you’re one of those power users that encrypts their Wi-Fi with a 45-digit password then inputting it to a new device can be irritating. Luckily, iOS 11 is here to help albeit it requires all your devices to have the latest operating system.

The feature needs to be started by someone turning up with an iOS 11 device that’s not connected to the Wi-Fi. If that person tries to connect, then other iOS 11 device already connected on the internet will get a prompt to share the password no matter how long it is.

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