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Finally, Facebook introduces a GIF button in Comments Section

Facebook’s implementation for GIFs felt like there was something. But then it hits me. It’s because it was missing in the comments section — the section that you’d actually send one aside from Messenger. But now, it seems like everything is lining up as the popular social media has finally implemented a GIF button to their own comment section. What a great way to start a conversation or end one with a nice GIF that’s not really related to the story, right?

And it seemed that it was the perfect time because it’s actually the 30th anniversary of the Graphics Interchange Format. It’s fairly straightforward to use: just click the “GIF” button in the comments section, and search what you’re looking for. Facebook will then search through the database of Giphy to deliver the right GIF.

The only question here is why did it take so long? AND HOW DO YOU ACTUALLY PRONOUNCE IT?


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