On the off chance that you weren’t wrecked by the uproar of fans over what seems a questionable change in direction for the Netflix reimagining of the manga, Death Note, let me break things down for you.

Adam Wingard, known for inquisitive genre titles such as You’re Next and The Guest, has been tapped to direct a live-action adaptation of the beloved manga series. Problematic as it already was—what with the back-and-forths in production the project had gone through over the years—Wingard’s new film has also been accused of whitewashing, the audience’s reaction being in response to the filmmakers’ decision to set the film in Seattle instead of Tokyo.

Fans are understandably upset. We have just come out of the Ghost In The Shell debacle where—glorious as she was in the film—Scarlett Johansson has been meme-fied to the abyss as a white actor who stole a role from an Asian actor. Hollywood has a notoriously bad reputation with remaking these mangas and animes, and it looks like we’re pretty deep into it.

The freshly released trailer (embedded below), follows a reimagined version of the story where a scrawny teenager named Light (Nat Wolff) discovers a mysterious notebook that can kill anyone whose name is written in it. Take a look:

Where Takeshi Obata’s original series plays more like a psychological horror, Wingard’s film, taking from the scenes highlighted in the trailer above, looks more like an ultra-expensive action film. Light, in this version, also feels reduced so as to become a speck in a larger-than-life discussion instead of a human being central to a discourse on existentialism and death magnified by the fantasticality of writing down a name and killing that who bears it. Oh, there’s new stuff introduced in the trailer: L and Ryuk. I mean, they’re there at least, whitewashing issues notwithstanding (I wonder if Netflix thinks they’re being clever by casting an African-American dude as L?).

Now that I’ve offered my two cents on the thing, let’s look at the people on Twitter and see if they’ve kept their roasting wits on.

As always, the internet pulls through.

Death Note premieres on Netflix sometime in August. I kind of want to watch it just to live-tweet the whole thing. If you want to be there for that paramount film journalistic event, follow me on Twitter @armanddc.


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