Despite its not-so-bright-looking future, Uber remains a fixture in the Filipino’s everyday life. This writer, in particular, uses it almost everyday to get to and fro venues, the office, and home.

The app in itself is already useful and convenient, but this is a truth exclusive to us who have the app. What, then, are our Uber-less friends/relatives to do? Uber, in a recent update, came in bearing a minor but possibly efficient answer.

The new update introduces a new feature in which booking an Uber ride for a friend or a family member becomes as easy as booking one for yourself. Here’s how the feature works in-the-flesh:

The way it works is you choose to book for your friend. Your friend will then receive a text with the details of the ride. The process obviously does not require them to have the app. From here on, your friend and the river will carry the process through as you would if it was you riding your own ride.

GUIDE: Book Your Friend An Uber Ride Who Doesn’t Have The App

Nifty, huh? Give the new feature a spin and tell us how it goes!


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