Finding the right bag for work can be a little hard if you’re about to invest in one. It has to look like you’re not going to school and it has to last for an eternity. The commute here in the Philippines is an added factor too. The best backpack has to keep your stuff safe from snatchers and the sudden rains. Here are our 5 best work backpacks for commuters:

Pacsafe Citysafe CX Anti-Theft Convertible Backpack

Pacsafe USA

Pacsafe bags are slash-proof and theft-proof. Its exomesh outer material will prevent your bag from getting slashed, while its clever lock system will have thieves wondering why your bag seems like it doesn’t have any openings. If you love going to cafes alone, you can lock your bag to the table or chair and not worry about it while you’re in the bathroom or ordering another cookie.

You also don’t have to worry about petty pickpockets while you’re walking along the highway at night.

This backpack looks small but it can fit any 13” laptop, with some space for all your other stuff too.

Herschel Settlement Backpack

Herschel USA

Though this one isn’t theft-proof like the Pacsafe one, it’s still a great structured and spacious backpack for work or school. It comes in a lot of other colors too! This backpack has a lot of space but it wont sag down because it’s structured that way. This means no more jumbled stuff and tangled headphones once you get to the office.

Herschel Dawson Backpack/Dawson Backpack XS

Dawson / Herschel USA

I have trust issues with bucket bags because I thought they were too easy to open making it prone to theft. But after using a bucket bag myself, I saw how it was actually pretty difficult to open while you’re wearing it. It always took me too long to show the inside of my bag to mall security!

Bucket bags are great for the times you have a bunch of stuff and your structured backpack just won’t let you fit them all in at once. You will have to worry about your stuff tossing and turning around though.

Dawson XS / Herschel USA

Anello All-Black

Anello Asia

If you’re buying an Anello backpack, buy the canvas ones. The straps last a lot longer than their leatherette models, to be quite honest. Anello backpacks are nice and roomy at the bottom and can fit a whole lot of stuff. They’re also great laptop bags because the back part is structured and padded.

The best part of the Anello backpack is the zipper at the back, giving you access to all your stuff without you having to drop your bag on the floor to open it. The top zipper part is also structured with a wire-like material so anyone trying to pry your bag open will have to zip it all the way down to reach your stuff. 

Booq Cobra Squeeze


The Booq Cobra Squeeze  came up as one of the MacWorld’s top-rated work backpack. It can fit your 15” Macbook and has pockets for your tablets and other gadgets. The turtle-like shape helps distribute the weight and keeps your stuff organized throughout your commute.


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