Earlobes are now the latest subject of plastic surgery. Earlobe fillers are now on the rise to help your ears from sagging due to age or regularly wearing heavy earrings. If you’re suffering from sagging or wrinkled earlobes, this might just be what you were waiting for.

Having plain stud earrings sit upright can be quite a challenge for a person with sagging earlobes. It might even be an insecurity to some people. According to Vogue, if you have $500 and a few minutes to spare, you should probably try out earlobe fillers. You might be pleased with the immediate results.

The process involves injecting your earlobes with only one or two drops of hyaluronic acid, and can take only 5 minutes. It will be done sooner than you expected since patients say it’s not as painful as you would think.

Earlobe filler injections will have immediate results after the procedure but is only recommended for those who have sagging and wrinkled ears. Severely stretched earlobes and earring holes might need stitching or re-piercing.


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