Jollibee’s WalterMart Bel Air branch knows what’s up. Unbeknownst to Senator Cynthia Villar—chairperson of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Food—and her would-be famous condemning of unlimited rice (a stance from which she also famously reverted quicker than the service at any unli rice-serving restaurants), Jollibee announced an unli rice promo for dine-in customers. For a 10-peso charge on top of their order, dine-in patrons can now enjoy unli rice to go with their meals.

Why this is only surfacing now, I have no idea. But tweeter @victor_donceras finally brings it to everyone’s attention:

In addition to the unli rice promo, Jollibee also offers a bottomless drink option. For a 10-peso charge, you get unlimited Coke or Iced Tea refills.

You’d be right to think this is a hoax, of course. But a quick research lands us on the branch’s Facebook page, with the post below. To take from Victor’s tweet. This is, indeed, not a drill.

We don’t know at this point if this is something Jollibee wants to pursue at a nationwide scale, but I don’t see why it won’t. Aside from a triggered Cynthia Villar, what’s there to lose?


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