ColorKuler is a handy website for people who like curating their feeds to match a certain color palette. It’s also useful if you’d like to know what colors your next photos should have to match your feed. But if you have no care for IG feed themes, it’s fine. You can go to this website and search random users for the fun of it.

Before you can use it though, you have to set your Instagram account to public. The website cannot detect feed palettes of private and/or empty accounts.

Through this website, we found that Pantone’s Instagram feed is actually a nice muted linen, and ours is a ‘dim grey’. You can also use this website to find out what color palette your favorite celebrities are following!

While exploring the site, we found that ColorKuler also gives a few notes on the meanings of different colors. They also have this brief informative account on the importance of color in branding.

If you’re now planning to curate your Instagram feed based on a certain palette, you can always check what palettes your favorite Instagram users are using and pattern your posts based on those. Good luck!


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