Die Beautiful is an important work that, thank the movie Gods, everyone stood behind in last year’s Metro Manila Film Festival. Both a critical and commercial success, the film is getting a spinoff series called Born Beautiful—and we’ve got our hands on the teaser.

To the uninitiated, Die Beautiful looked back into the final moments of a transwoman’s life. The film stars Paolo Ballesteros, who plays Tricia, a transwoman who dreams of becoming a beauty queen. The spinoff series, Born Beautiful, follows Barbs, Tricia’s loyal best friend played by Christian Bables, as she carries on with life after Tricia’s death.

A release date is yet to be announced, but Jun Lana serves as series creator, with Christian Bables reprising his role. Born Beautiful is one of four shows that independent production outfit The IdeaFirst Company is developing with Cignal Entertainment.


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