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Definite Proof That Mugs Are the Best Gifts Ever

Mugs are the best gifts ever. If you receive a mug for your birthday, you are blessed. You can use it for your favorite coffee, for your pens, for a mug cake, and even just for the statement. It’s the revolutionary multipurpose creation of mankind you shouldn’t just be throwing away.

Here are 15 mugs for every occasion:

1. This basketball mug that’s actually functional enough to shoot some hoops.

$24, Amazon

2. An adorable mug with a panda that will instantly give you all the good vibes


3. A copper mug that will upscale your desk and your cold drinks


4. The mug for the most aggressive person in your life


5. For the friend who likes to pretend he’s good at golf

$29.95, HomeWetBar

6. One for the prankster


7. Since the marble and galaxy trends surely won’t die down soon


8. For moments when you just want to go with the flow… but still look cute.


9. You can’t go wrong with a dainty teacup


10. For the cat lover

$14.99, ankit

11. The witches’ cauldron mug for those friends who keep waiting for Halloween


12. Simple geometric cups will always look great

Not On The High Street

13. The pipe mug for every single Mario fan in your life


14. Who says the Brontosaurus was extinct?


15. This tea mug is everything

$13, Urban Outfitters


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