The newest KitKat flavor isn’t that of a weird fruit found in the deep tropics. It’s also not a fancy alcoholic beverage. The new Kit Kat has cake inside.

Instead of having a wafer for the whole part, the wafer only forms the base and the trapezoid part is filled with really moist chocolate cake. Cosmopolitan reports that chef Yasumasa Takagi was the one who defied all odds to make this beautiful new Kit Kat flavor. The recipe was very technical, since it involves creating the perfect fondant cake to match the Kit Kat’s original chocolatey recipe.

Nestle Japan

Each bar isn’t your usual two or four strips of Kit Kats. This time, it’s just like a Kit Kat ruby, just one trapezoid with a decadent filling.

These bars won’t be easy to find though. You have to go all the way to the Chocolatory at Ginza in Tokyo to get them. It’s $13 for a box of 3 bars and $26 for 6, which is an okay price for me knowing how delicately they developed this recipe.

Nestle Japan


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