The live action remake of the 1989 Disney film Little Mermaid will feature songs by the award-winning composer and lyricist Lin-Manuel Miranda. Miranda is best known for directing and starring in the hit musical Hamilton: An American Musical and writing songs for Disney’s Moana.

The live action will feature a lot of new songs written by Miranda, all of which we’re super excited for. Besides, we’ve already heard his works in Hamilton and Moana so it’s no doubt he’s going to do a dang good job. If you haven’t heard his songs, be prepared. You’re going to be rapping for the next 2 weeks.

Miranda will also be appearing in the upcoming Mary Poppins Returns. Though that won’t star the ultimate queen Julie Andrews anymore. It’s okay though, we trust Emily Blunt with this role. Aside from these films, Disney is also set to release the live action remake of Aladdin and Mulan!

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*Featured Image from Disney’s Little Mermaid


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