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The Fake Starbucks Drink That’s Actually An Energy Drink

17-year-old Layla went viral on Twitter after posting a photo of a blue drink in a Starbucks cup and telling someone who asked what it was that the drink was part of Starbucks’ “secret menu”. If you’re not quite familiar with the secret menu yet, it’s an unofficial list of recipes and concoctions made to mimic certain familiar flavors using existing Starbucks drinks and syrups.

This time, it’s something called the frappajappajooza, an blue drink topped with lots of ice inside a Venti Starbucks cup. Sounds legit? Yeah, her friend Brooke thought so too.

But alas, this blue drink really doesn’t exist. According to Buzzfeed, Layla was just looking for a way to ice her Gatorade so she decided to pour the energy drink into a Starbucks up and topped it with ice. She found the color “cute” and decided that she’ll make a name for it when someone asks what it was. Behold the frappajappajooza.

I’m secretly hoping Starbucks doesn’t actually make a drink out of this girl’s snap because the birth of that infamous Unicorn Frappuccino just proved that Starbucks is down for anything.


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