We’re tailing interesting developments across YouTube’s products. Recently, an update rolled a user interface refresh. It brought on a fresher, cleaner, and more intuitive experience when using the site.

Today, another noteworthy update has been rolled out—private messaging. As a ten-year-old web institution, you’d think that YouTube had already pinned down all these years ago, but nope. Finally, a new private messaging feature is being made available to users of the mobile apps.

Here’s what they look like:

YouTube Update: Private Messaging, Native Sharing, and More!

YouTube has been testing the feature since May this year, in a bid to keep conversations about YouTube videos within its ecosystem instead of outside (like on Twitter or Facebook).

Already, the new feature shapes up to be a useful one, especially for collaborators as private messaging also allows groups.

What do you guys think? Let’s discuss in the comments.


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